5 Actionable Self Care Actions That Help To Grow Black Women’s Careers


Self Care For Black Women

Self Care for Black Women is so important as there are many external distractions and stresses that can place the breaks (or even reverse) your career aspirations.

As a Professional Black Woman, your main goal is likely to be the type of successful career that is self-satisfying and provides for you and your family.

To achieve that, Self Care actions should be at the top of your list.

So what do mean by Self Care actions and why are they so important for Black Women and success with their careers?

Self Care is about getting inner peace in a disordered world.

When you practice Self Care you can achieve a stronger sense of purpose, and get a boost to your health, relationships and career.

Also, Self Care is about recognising when you are ready to take care of yourself.

Oh, but wait.. isn't Self Care about being selfish?

Self Care for Black Women is not about selfishness, but rather about being selfless, considerate and making positive changes in your life to help others e.g. , your family.

The need to apply Self Care tactics has never been more timely for us Black Women for the following reasons:

“24 percent of working women say health issues, such as fibroids, have kept them from reaching their career potential.”

“80 percent of black mothers are now the main breadwinners in their families”

Plus, in the workplace, Black Women can experience the type of pressure that lead to anxiety, such working twice as hard just to be on par with white colleagues.

What's so great about Self Care is that when practised correctly, it helps Black Women to reverse the worst of any stressful situation.

Black Women Self Care

So, here are 5 Actionable Self Care actions you can start now to help grow your career:

1. De-Stress

Are you stressed or feeling anxious? What impact does stress have on your working life?

Your ultimate goal should be to use Self Care tactics that reduce stress leaving a clear path to meeting your career aspirations.

So what are those tactics?

It can be as simple as doing what you enjoy plus doing more of it.

For example, attending a weekly yoga that brings you inner peace and calm.

Tactically,  you can go to another level by getting practice videos so that you can do yoga at home daily.


2. Exercise

Exercise is great for motivation, self-confidence, can be fun and improves your health too!

My top tip about exercise?

Start basic and slow and build up.

Many Black Women start at the “deep end” and give up because it’s too hard or they don’t enjoy it.

Challenge yourself by starting with, for example, a simple daily walk to the office or a gentle morning swim.

Once comfortable, try a step up to another level such as a gently jog every Sunday morning.

There are some great Exercise Tips on the NHS website.


3. Building more 'valuable' relationships

One of the best Self Care actions is connecting with people who bring positivity, love and value to your life.

Plan a daily or weekly ‘pep talk’ with someone who will give unconditional support, for example a Mentor.

This can be an ideal approach to boosting your career development and aspirations.


4. Eat healthy

Focus on a diet that sustains and energises you, such as Fruit, Vegetables, Fish and Brown Rice.

Excess Salt, Sugar and Bad Fats can sap the energy needed to achieve your career goals.


5. Find a more positive 'balance'

Work life balance is all about finding a state in which demands on your personal, professional and family are ‘about’ equal. 

Why just ‘about’? 

Well, many believe that complete equality is virtually impossible. 

To recall, Self Care for Black Women is about inner peace and finding a stronger purpose.

For some Black Women, finding balance can be a long shot, especially while working in a fast paced, 24-hour corporate world. 

Other important areas of your life, such as family, health and wellbeing can suffer due to a lack of balance. 

Not a happy or peaceful situation, but you can start to 'heal'  by thinking about the one BIG thing in your life that you value most. 

For example, if it is family life,  take Self Care steps to make more time for your family: 

Can you go part-time or work from home more?

There are many more options and discussing them with the right people, e.g. your Boss, will be the start to a more positive balance.

Final Thoughts on Self Care For Black Women

At the end of the day, it is important that you use Self Care tactics for a smoother way to a better career plus to become a more confident, motivated and positive you.

By using Self Care to address the most stressful points, you will become more content and assured with the direction that your life and career is heading.

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