5 Fight Fibroids Naturally Research Sources For Black Women Which Will Transform Your Life

Introduction to Fight Fibroids Naturally Information Sources - Get Rid of Fibroids Naturally

Articles about fighting fibroids are very common on the world wide web. Many involve medical or surgical procedures such as taking the contraceptive pill. This article is aimed at Black women who seek hormone balance and a chance of a life free from the effects of fibroid growth.

There are natural ways of fighting fibroids that you may not be aware of.

This article include 5  information sources with content that refers directly to natural methods, e.g through food, or support ways to naturally fight fibroids.  

It is not intended to replace other ways to fight fibroids and, as always, the best advice is to always seek advice from a medical practitioner if you are unsure or require further guidance.


Key Takeaway:

There are sources of online information which give advice on natural ways to balance your hormones and fight fibroid dominance. Always LISTEN to your own body and seek medical advice if you are unsure

I found the following websites to be good sources of information during my fight against fibroid dominance. For each, I will explain why and how each provided support to my own situation:


healthy lifestyle examples for a young black woman - get rid of fibroids naturally

Fight Fibroids Naturally Information Sources


Natural Fibroid Fight Source 1: Dr Mercola’s Food Facts

Dr. Mercola’s Food Facts is a directory of the health foods for wholesome diet.

This site is dedicated to providing people with valuable information about various types of foods.

What I found particularly useful is the nutrition facts which you would necessarily find on all packaging!!. Some of these facts such as sodium and dietary fibre impact on the ability to fight fibroid dominance.


Natural Fibroid Fight Source 2: NHS Choices Fitness Exercise Videos

NHS Choices is the official website of the National Health Service in the UK.

With more than 48 million visits per month, it is the UK's biggest health website, accounting for a quarter of all health-related web traffic.

What I like about the fitness exercise videos is that they cater for everyone, no matter your level of experience:- from gentle walks to advanced level cardio exercise.

Even better, all the videos are FREE.

Find out more about avoiding fibroid dominance through exercise here


Natural Fibroid Fight Source 3: Blackdoctor.org

Blackdoctor.org is a online health resource specifically targeted to  African Americans.

While there are references to some medical procedures for the treatment of fibroids, there are also interesting articles on natural measures to reduce the risk of fibroid growth such as 'Sisters, Let’s Touch & Agree: No More Black Women Suffering In Silence With Fibroids'.


black woman natural afro


Natural Fibroid Fight Source 4: Dr Axe 8 Ways to Naturally prevent and relieve Uterine Fibroids

Dr. Josh Axe is a renowned certified doctor of natural medicine with a passion to help people get healthy by using food as medicine.


Natural Fibroid Fight Source 5: Top 10 Foods to eat for a healthy uterus

'Top 10 Foods to eat for a health uterus' refers to promoting all types uterine health, not just in relation to fighting fibroid dominance.

It’s aim is to reach women who want to know ‘what to eat’ to enjoy optimal uterine health.


In Summary

So there you are!

Fighting fibroids naturally is neither complicated nor inaccessible to black women. There are plenty more online resources out there but keep an open mind and make sure you do your own research with your own health and well-being as your number one priority.

Your first port of call should always be to seek medical advice.

Once you have that, it puts you in a better position to explore your options for fighting fibroid dominance naturally.


Need a starting point for knowing which nutritional items can help relieve fibroid dominance?

Check out this example shopping list which includes food items that cater for Black women. Enjoy!


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