Working With You To Stop Fibroids Dominating Your Health And Career

Hi, my name is Iyabo. I'm a working mother and I live in London, United Kingdom.

I'm a Fibroid Wellbeing Advocate

I’m a black woman who has walked in the same shoes as 80% of black women in the developed world who suffer from fibroids. Fibroids are the number one threat to the general and reproductive health of black women.

My mission?

I'm on a mission to help make a life free of fibroid dominance easier and quicker for career women. 

I believe that all working women deserve access to the type of tools, knowledge and support to fight fibroid dominance, and meet their professional aspirations

Join me on this journey to improving your general and reproductive health. 

I'm determined to help women to successful attain their career and professional goals through quick and simple ways to avoid fibroid dominance

Want to start your journey to avoiding fibroids dominating your life today?

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Fibroid Wellbeing For Black Women