How To Make A Quick And Easy Smoothies That Reduce Fibroid Dominance


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For busy career black women, it is so important to find quick and easy nutrition that is not only healthy but also helps to reduce fibroid dominance.

So what are fibroids and what do we mean by fibroid dominance?

Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that develop in or around the womb or uterus

‘Fibroid dominance’ refers to the influence and control on a woman's life, health and wellbeing due to fibroid growth(s).

Signs of dominance can include abdominal or back pain, heavy periods and fatigue.

Why are quick and easy smoothies important for reducing fibroid dominance?

Because they are flexible and an opportunity to include healthy and nutritious items that are ideal for beating fibroid dominance.

Look out for food items that are give a boost to iron intake and have antioxidant properties (to reduce pain and manage hormone balance better).

Smoothies also tend to be time-savers and easy to create for busy career women.

Below are some examples of food items that I often use when creating easy smoothies:

  • Baobab
  • Banana
  • Oranges
  • Kale
  • Non-Dairy Yogurt

Want to see a demonstration of how to create these easy smoothies?

Check out the my 5 minute video below:


Final Thoughts on quick and easy smoothies

The great thing about using smoothies to fight fibroid dominance is that there are no hard fast rules.Once you learn about the right ingredients, there are so many different types of smoothies that you can create.

The only real investment that you will need to make is for a decent blender

Experiment and Enjoy!.

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