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Fibroids Symptoms - 5 Ways To Cope While Still Reaching Your Career Goals


Fibroids Symptoms - Statistics to make you think...

“By the age of 50, 80% of Black Women will have developed fibroid growths”

Moreover, the impact the symptoms that fibroids can have is highlighted from the following statistic:

“24% of working women say that fibroids kept them from reaching their career potential.”

Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that grow in or around the womb (uterus).

Why is understanding fibroids symptoms impact so important? 

Fibroids are currently the number one major health issue impacting women aged from 21 to 50.

Unfortunately, black women are more likely than any other race, to experience fibroid symptoms, such as pain, anaemia and, in rare cases, infertility.

The symptoms can be life-changing and affect your professional and career goals in a major way.

In this article, I will be giving you 5 simple but effective tips on how you can live with fibroids, their symptoms and still achieve your career goals.

So what are these tips on coping with fibroids symptoms?

Tip #1 - Recognise the Risk asap:

Knowing the statistics of the extent of fibroids in black women is one thing.

It’s quite another to understand your own personal risk of having fibroids.


The article here explains a bit more about what to look out for to find out if you are more at risk of having fibroids.

It is not conclusive but gives an idea of what to think of when understanding the risks. 

For an actual assessment or diagnosis, always seek medical advice which is discussed further in the next tip.


Tip #2 - Seek Medical Advice:

An initial awareness at the risks, MUST always be backed up by medical advice or a diagnosis by a medical practitioner.

Unfortunately, for some black women an actual fibroids diagnosis is not made until a much later stage of fibroid growth.

So late that the symptoms are advanced and having a negative impact on your life..

It, therefore, pays to be persistent and seek a second opinion if you are not happy with the first!


Tip #3 - Think Work-Life Balance:

“Work–life balance is a term commonly used to describe the balance that a working individual needs between time allocated for work and other aspects of life such as family and persona interests”

For some women with fibroids, improving work-life balance is the ideal option for giving their career and well-being a boost.

Fortunately, work-life balance options can allow you to make your own rules to help with overcoming fibroid dominance.  

Rules such as having virtual meetings in your own home rather than having to suffer with the symptoms during  a long train journey into work.

You can find out more with this in my top 6 tips for working from home successfully advice sheet .


Tip #4 - Consider a Career Switch:

Finding an alternative career better suited to overcoming fibroid symptoms, is worth considering. 

A friend of mine was a nurse who could no longer cope with the pain of fibroids and constantly being on her feet.

Consequently, she had a career switch to being a virtual assistant working in her own home.

Her health and well-being was transformed overnight.

You can start by researching people who have done a career switch on platforms such as YouTube. 

For example, look out for any useful videos on topics such as setting up a home office. 

Also, for affordable training resources to help “retrain”, e.g on course platforms such as Udemy.


Tip #5 - Speak to your Employer.

What if a career switch is not the right option?

You can always speak to your speak employer right?

Some black women hesitate  to speak out for fear of being treated unsympathetically or judged as a liability.

I was also reluctant to speak.

But when my sickness record was rising, and I knew that I had no choice but to discuss the issue (or face the sack!!).

I approached a HR Manager that I trusted and was relieved and surprised that she listened and understood my health issues.

To my relief, I was encouraged to work with employers on finding a work-life balance and flexible options that were right for me.

They helped control my symptoms and kept me on track to achieving my career goals.

If you find that your employers are not considerate of your situation or requirements, try approaching an external advisory organisations such as an employment union or citizens advice.

Fibroids Symptoms - Take Action

So that is it. 

By sharing these top 5 tips, I hope that you now realise that career women living with fibroids or those at risk of the symptoms,  can still meet their own career targets.

Acting on one or many of these tips could mean a boost in confidence towards that longed for promotion, that appeared far off due to concerns with your health and well-being.

Fibroid dominance should not be a barrier to meeting your career and professional goals.

There is nothing to stop you taking the next rung on the career ladder.. and then the next...

Just remember that by following my adage to “Keep Calm and Fight Fibroid Dominance”, the world can truly become your oyster. 



Iyabo Agiri

Iyabo helps busy working women to use time saving, effective ways to overcome fibroid dominance, resulting in life and career goals success

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