How to reduce fibroid dominance though these simple exercises, without having to subscribe to an expensive Gym

Introduction to reducing fibroid dominance using exercise - fibroids and exercise

Articles about exercising are a dime a dozen. Exercises you should do, how often you should exercise, the best gyms to attend etc etc...


Here I’m going to strip away all the fluff on exercising and stick with what will help you, as a woman, to choose the type of simple exercises that will help reduce fibroids dominating your lives.


It is no secret that regular exercise can have a positive impact on your health.


Most research also shows that exercise lessens the chances of hormone imbalance and, therefore the risk of fibroids


The key takeaways you will gain from this article are:


  • Lack of exercise can lead to hormonal imbalance, a trigger of fibroid growth
  • Even with a busy life, there are basic exercises which can reduce the chances of fibroids taking control of your lives
  • It is important to seek medical advice for the all clear before undertaking exercise

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young women keeping fit by running- fibroids and exercise

So, what are fibroids and why can they be a problem for women?

Fibroids or uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths that develop in or around the womb (uterus).Their growth is controlled by estrogen and progesterone, two hormones that regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Some women experience little or no symptoms of fibroids growth.

There are, however, women who experience symptoms such as:

  • period pain,
  • heavy and prolonged bleeding
  • constipation
  • pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse

On the rare occasion, women can experience:

  • complications during pregnancy
  • infertility

Fibroid growth is common in women of african or caribbean origin

One study found that, by age 50, 70 percent of whites and 80 percent of African Americans had fibroids.

Although this article talks about exercising, there are other things to consider to help reduce the impact of fibroids such as diet

Lack of regular exercise can trigger fibroid growth

It is no secret that lack of regular exercise can lead to a range of health issues, such as  obesity.

Lack of exercise is also known to increase the amount of circulating hormones linked to fibroid growth, i.e. Oestrogen

fibroids and exercise: Even with busy lives, there are some simple and basic exercises you can do day to day that can help you reduce fibroid domination

Start off gently and slowly and only increase levels following medical advice and once you feel comfortable to do so:


Walking is a great exercise and requires little actual planning or cost.

For example, instead of taking a bus from the station to work every day, I take a gentle 20 - 30 walk instead (even better when the sun is out!!).  Another useful tip is to use the stairs instead of the lift or elevator. Using a basic Pedometer device will help you keep track and keep you motivated!


There are basic yoga poses that can help shift hormones that build up in muscle tissue, e.g in the stomach area. There are also exercises you can do to help relieve tension in the uterus. Take advice from your yoga teacher and ensure that him/her know that you want to reduce the effect that fibroids have on your life.

The best tip about doing Yoga? - Do your research and start slowly.


Swimming is an excellent non-weight bearing exercise as the water supports your body weight, making it easier on your body.

It also helps with toning muscles in key parts of your body that hold onto excess hormones, thereby helping to address imbalance and reduce fibroid dominance.

If you are not a confident swimmer, aqua aerobics is a great alternative.


Cardio (or Cardiovascular) exercise helps burns calories and can help you to lose weight.

It also helps to release endorphins (stress relievers) and gets excess oestrogen out of your muscles making removal from the body easier.

Again, start of slowly and gently (particularly if you have never done Cardio before). For example 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week is a good starting point. As your body becomes more comfortable to that level, you can increase your efforts.

You don’t have to subscribe to an expensive Gym either. I was one of those women who subscribed to a Gym in the New Year but could never find the time to commit to regular attendance. I eventually found alternatives which worked just as well at home (at whatever time I wanted) such as affordable exercise equipment, DVDs etc. Look out for decent videos you can follow and watch on YouTube!!


fibroids and exercise - healthy lifestyle examples for a young black woman

Importance of medical advice

Speaking to medical practitioner, e.g. your GP, is important especially if you have never done regular exercise and need the all clear.

It is possible to lead a healthier life with regular exercise and it’s also great for your self-confidence and emotional wellbeing.

As mentioned earlier, do your own research and start slowly

What if I decide to give regular exercise a miss….

Then you risk missing out on an opportunity to lessen the impact that fibroid growth can have on your life.

You may also miss out on other benefits such as better weight control and a healthier heart.

As a woman in the high risk group for fibroid growth, a decision not to take even the most basic of exercises, could be the worst in terms of your long term health and wellbeing

So, what’s the easiest way to get started on reducing fibroid dominance?

You can start of simply - for example,  assess your journey into work. Rather than taking a bus, could you put on your sneakers or trainers and walk instead?

Take 30 minutes to an hour out of your time to fill out an exercise plan with the goal of controlling fibroid impact. Include the exercises mentioned in this article plus time spent and a target (e.g for walking, target could be 500 steps)

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In Summary

So there you go!

The truth about you controlling fibroid dominance is that regular exercise is one of the things that can keep it in check. Doing your own research and starting at a level that you are comfortable with are also important. Finally, always seek medical advice, especially if you have never exercised before

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