Why Fibroid Dominance is Weakening the Advancement of Black Women’s Careers (And How You Can Avoid This)


Black Womens Fibroids - The Risks

As a Black woman, you have an 8 in 10 chance of developing fibroids.

There is also a 24% chance of fibroids preventing you from reaching your career potential.

“Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that grow in or around the womb (uterus)” - NHS

The problem is that there is low awareness with black women of fibroids and the impact they can have.

You may not know that you have fibroids as symptoms may be minimal or not yet full on.
However, no action can mean the chances of fibroids negatively impacting your career is increased.

We live in an increasingly competitive employment and business market,  meaning opportunities to climb the career ladder are even smaller.
So when trying to attain a fulfilling career that provides for yourself and your family, you need to set yourself the challenge to get a life free from fibroid dominance.

It all starts with understanding probable causes and improving your knowledge on fibroids and preventing them from dominating your life.

The start of of all black women’s journey to a fibroid dominance free life.

What makes knowing your risk so important?

If overcoming fibroid dominance is so fundamentally important for career growth, what makes knowing the circumstances that can result in fibroid dominance so vital?

By knowing how much at risk you could be, you can start straight away to do what it takes to fight dominance and keep your career growth on track.

Here are some of the circumstances to be aware of:

  • Your age
    Fibroids tend to occur during your reproductive years and studies show that the ages of 25 - 50 is where the impact and dominating features is more common. Hormonal imbalance tends to come to the fore more within this age range
  • Your origin
    Fibroids are thought to develop more frequently in Black women of African, African-American and Caribbean origin
  • Your weight
    There are links between fibroids and being overweight or obese because being overweight increases the level of oestrogen (hormonal imbalance) in the body
  • Your menstrual cycle
    An unusually long cycle or excessive bleeding during your cycle are common indicators of the existence of fibroids and the risk of fibroid dominance
  • Your exposure to environmental factors
    There are environmental factors that can disrupt the hormonal balance in your body and increase your chances of fibroid dominance. One of the most recent discoveries is the impact of the use of chemical hair treatments by Black women.If you are or have been a frequent user of these treatments, your risk is higher than a woman who has had no or limited history of using these treatments
black women fribroids

The benefits of learning about fibroid dominance

A Course on preventing Fibroid Dominance is your incentive to take action. To prepare yourself for a life where fibroids do not prevent you from progressing with your career and professional goals. Whether you're considered to be low, medium or high risk of fibroid dominance, the aim should remain the same - to stop fibroids dominating your life so that you can live your life as you wish.

Here are some other benefits of taking a Course:

  • It helps establish a baseline
  • It helps raise awareness about fibroids and possible causes
  • It can give you confidence to assess your reproductive health
  • It can help when seeking further medical advice

I could go on…

So are you ready to take that first step on your journey to a fibroid dominance free life?



Iyabo Agiri

Iyabo helps busy working women to use time saving, effective ways to overcome fibroid dominance, resulting in life and career goals success

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