What is Fibroid Dominance and Why Does It Matter For Black Career Women


Fibroid Matter Black Women

As a Black woman, you have an 80% chance of developing fibroids at some stage of your reproductive life.

“Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that grow in or around the womb (uterus)” - NHS

In this article, my message will be that, as a black woman, keeping fibroid dominance under control is important to achieve your professional and career goals.

The term ‘Fibroid Dominance’ is not often used.

Fibroid Dominance refers to the influence and control on a woman’s life, health and wellbeing due to fibroid growth(s).

However, the problem is that the impact of Fibroid Dominance on Black Women Careers is rarely discussed or researched.

Limited research and knowledge, means difficultly for black women knowing when and how to start to overcoming fibroid dominance.

The result is falling short of life goals.

About one third of women report that their Careers have been negatively impacted or curtailed due to Fibroids and their symptoms.

Unfortunately, this means the employment market can miss out on a pool of highly skilled and experienced Career Women

Furthermore, Fibroid Dominance can mean that “climbing the career ladder” and success with career goals is become increasingly difficult for Black Career Women.

So, when trying to get a career that is fulfilling and provides for yourself and your family, you need to set yourself a challenge where the outcome is a life free from fibroid dominance.

So what Challenges can you set for yourself?

As 80% of black women will develop Fibroids, it makes sense to make your first challenge action determining how much at risk you are (if you have not already shown signs of dominance, of course).

Looking at risk helps start you off on overcoming Dominance, but should always occur alongside seeking medical advice.

Here are some Challenges to be aware of:

Consider Diet Actions

What you eat and drink is important.

Think about the food and drink items on your weekly grocery list.

Are they promoters of fibroid dominance?

If so, reduce them (or remove) and think of replacing with items that lessen dominance.

Click here to access known promoters and blockers.

Consider Lifestyle Actions

Lifestyle actions such as exercising are not only good for general health and wellbeing; they also help with overcoming fibroid dominance.

Good fitness and appropriate weight management are proven factors of promoting good hormonal balance (poor balance enhances Fibroids and symptoms).

Consider Career Actions

You have a third of a chance of fibroids impacting your career (i.e. impacts 1 in 3 women).

So, as a black woman with high professional aspirations, what should you do?

Find a balance that lessens the impact of dominance while allowing you to reach greater heights in your career.

An example could be to retrain and switch careers as what happened to a friend of mine who switched from being a nurse to setting herself up as a virtual assistant in her own home office.

Consider Environmental Actions

The environment can have a big impact.

There has been some research into Fibroids and chemical exposure.

You should aim to avoid exposure to chemicals that can worsen Fibroid Dominance.

For example the use of certain chemical hair treatments.

And the benefits of setting yourself Challenges are...

The number one benefit is it gives you the freedom to progress with your career and professional goals.

Overcoming Fibroid Dominance matters as no one would wish for that level of influence and control on one's life, to the detriment of things such as career.

Get it right and the sky could be the limit, without the worry of fibroids impacting your journey to career and professional success.

So are you ready to get started?

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Iyabo helps busy working women to use time saving, effective ways to overcome fibroid dominance, resulting in life and career goals success

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